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Breast Enlargement is Big Business Article: 
Breast enlargement at what cost? The breast enlargement business is a booming business, with hundreds of thousands of women flocking to get new breast implants promising them the allure of a perfect breast line. Women spend billions of dollars annually on breast enlargement surgery and receive in most cases instant gratification of a larger breast. The average cost of breast implants is between $4,000 and $6,000 dollars in the United States. With Hollywood actresses and models making larger breasts seem more glamorous and desirable and doctors promoting breast enlargement the marketers have been winning at persuading women to spend their money and risk getting breast enlargement.
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Why should I choose breast implants as a breast enlargement method?

Breast implants need to be replaced every ten years. As time goes on breast implants break down releasing more chemicals like polyvinyl chlorides into the body, along with platinum, tin, arsenic, nickel and other heavy metals which poison the body.

Breast implant surgery will need to be performed over and over throughout a woman’s lifetime. Your breast enlargement will not last a lifetime. Each surgery causes more tissue damage, the capsule needs to be removed which most plastic surgeons refuse to do, it is easier to simply insert a new implant back inside old scar tissue filled with toxins and chemicals which are carcinogenic. The cost to remove a capsule and replace the implant is about $10,000.00 if it is done properly. You can find plastic surgeons to replace breast implants for about $4,000.00 plus anesthesia.

Breast enlargement using breast implants causes increased risk of suicide and brain cancer; no one knows why for sure.

Breast enlargement surgery leaves a woman open to being uninsurable! Many insurance companies now refuse to insure a woman who has breast enlargement. If breast enlargement is safe why don’t the insurance companies want to insure woman who have had breast enlargement? What do they know that you do not?

Most breast enlargement looks fake; over sized, round, hard breasts. So many women have had breast enlargement that surgical breast enlargement is now passé. Approximately 40,000 women per year have their breast implants removed and actresses are getting smaller implants that attempt to look more natural.

In the end breast enlargement is the world’s greatest marketing plan with dire health consequences for two generations of women before the folly of this disastrous experiment on women’s bodies is publicly exposed. If you need more information on breast enlargement read the FDA’s website. Breast implants exist because they were grandfathered in.

The fact is most men prefer real breasts. If you want larger and firmer breasts try breast enlargement pills instead of surgery. They may give you the boost you are looking for without the risk and cost of breast enlargement surgery.
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